Examining Accidents That Take Place On Stairways

Any given stairway becomes unsafe, the moment that someone has chosen to be negligent.

Losses suffered by the victim of an accident on a flight of stairs

• Loss of income, while recovery from injury
• May be unable to return to work
• Victims that have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) could have problems with speaking, or with making simple movements.

Places where the person using the stairs could have an accident

• In the home: This is usually due to the presence of some unanticipated object on a certain step.
• Outside of the home: If there were stairs going up to a front or back porch, someone might have placed something on one of the steps.
• Construction site: A new worker might be using that flight of stairs for the first time
• A factory: A factory worker might get asked to carry a certain object, while going up or down a stairway.
• An office building
• An apartment building

Any place where those using the stairs are not familiar with the width and depth of the steps

-That could be a place where people go to be entertained, such as an arena or a dark movie theater
-In a spot frequented by tourists, especially one that invites those same tourists to tour a home or other structure that was built more than 2 centuries earlier.
-In a store that has installed a flight of stairs at the entry to one of the store’s sections
-At the time of an emergency, when someone must use an emergency exit

How some neurological problems relate to accidents on stairways?

As mentioned above, if a fall on the stairs causes a TBI, then the affected victim could encounter problems with speech or movement. Some neurological conditions get aggravated, if the person with that same condition walks up and down stairs repeatedly, as per personal injury lawyer in Bedford. The aggravation of such a condition could cause the affected individual to lose his or her balance more easily. Obviously, a loss of balance could lead to a fall.

Sometimes a brain that has not received the usual amount of glucose, perhaps because the person with such a brain is fasting, or is a victim of diabetes; that could cause the same person to trip, while negotiating any group of steps.

A neurological problem is not as obvious as a broken bone, a bruise, or one of the other injuries that are associated with falls on stairways. A neurological problem might cause symptoms like double vision or the creation of strange sounds in the ear. An employer should not write off any complaints that could be an indication that a given employee has suffered some type of harm to his or her brain.

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