Guidelines To Follow When Reporting A Car Accident

An insurance policy is a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. Those policyholders that want to uphold the terms of that contract report any accident that has involved their vehicle to their insurance company.

Should an accident be reported to law enforcement?

The number and extent of the injuries on any of the victims determines whether or not the injury-linked accident ought to be reported to members of the law enforcement community. In some states the extent of any property damage is also a determining factor. In those states any accident that has caused property damage with a value that exceeds $1,000 to $2,500 should be brought to the attention of law enforcement officers.

How those involved in an accident stand to benefit from the time and effort that goes into reporting such an incident.

When an officer of the law has come onto the scene, then no driver is apt to refuse to share his or her contact information, along with any insurance information.

The facts in an officer’s report could prove useful, when the insurance company tries to determine which of the involved parties should be held liable for the damages. If some party other than the drivers should be saddled with a liability charge, then the officer’s observations ought to highlight that particular fact.

Although those involved in the incident might feel ok, during the moments that follow a collision, any one of the involved parties could develop some slow-to-show symptoms. If that were to happen, then the injured party would want to report the accident.

If the other party’s insurer were to discover that the terms of the contract/policy had not been met, then the insurance company might refuse to cover the damages. That would mean that the person that caused that same damage would have to pay out of his or her pocket.

What should you do if you have called 911, and have requested an officer, but none has appeared at the scene of the crash?

Personal Injury Lawyer in New Glasgow says that if you find yourself in that situation, go to the nearest gas station or roadside store. Ask to be given an accident report. One of those businesses ought to have such a report form. Fill it in and take it to the local DMV.

What should you do if you hit a vehicle in a parking lot, and no one else is around?

You should leave a note on the vehicle that was damaged by the hit. Put your name, your contact information, and the name of your insurance company on that same note. The driver of the damaged vehicle must decide whether or not he or she wants to seek compensation.

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