How Do Dog Owner Liability Standard Relate To Dog Bite Cases?

If you have been bitten by a dog but you were not at fault, you are entitled to get compensated for your injuries and mental trauma. However, as with any personal injury lawsuit, you need to have evidence and proofs to prove your claim. And that is why having a good personal injury lawyer in Halifax take care of your case.

When it is about dog owners’ liability, you need to prove that the negligence by the owner led to the mishap. There are 2 basic rules that apply to dog owners, in situations where a pet canine has bitten some child or adult. Your lawyer can help you get the assistance you need:

• Sue the dog owner and get compensation for the injuries.
• You will be required to prove negligence
• Some states have ‘strict liability laws’ or ‘one bite rule’
• The lawyer an advice you on the dog bite laws and help where and when to file the claim

Comparing those 2 basic rules, regarding owner liability

If a dog owner knows that a pet canine is the member of a dangerous breed, or is prone to biting, then the same dog owner’s duty of care relates to controlling the same pet. Consequently, if that pet’s teeth tear into a bit of human flesh, then any resulting injuries become the owner’s responsibility.

Strict liability: This rule states that a dog’s owner is liable for bite-created injuries, whether or not he or she could have prevented the occurrence of that biting incident. In other words, owners that demonstrate negligence become responsible for the resulting damages/injuries.

The strict liability rule does not take into account what a canine’s owner did know or might have known. That information has no bearing on the issue of liability for bite-inflicted injuries. To win a dog bite lawsuit, your lawyer needs to prove that:

• Owner is required to take responsibility of the dog’s behavior
• Prove that owner was negligent and failed to meet the duty of care
• The negligence led to harm to the plaintiff

When An Exception Is Made to One Of The 2 Basic Rules

Whenever an owner’s canine has bitten a trespasser. If the person that became the target of a dog’s teeth had provoked the animal with the injury-causing bite, the strict liability rule does not apply. You might want to ask your lawyer about the regulations and laws.

Due to the existence of that second exception, those lawyers defending someone being held liable for a canine’s bite often try to prove that the pet’s teeth tore into the flesh of someone that had provoked that same specific canine.

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