How Do Surviving Family Members Get Compensated In Wrongful Death Case?

If the loved ones of the decedent did manage to win that particular case, then each of them could expect to benefit from several types of compensation. Yet only the closest surviving relatives would qualify for those same funds.

Some of the payments would cover the cost of all the medical care that the now-deceased victim received, from the time of the accident until the time of death.

That would include all efforts at resuscitation. Those efforts would not have been complete without the presence of doctors, nurses and technicians, along with expensive equipment, such as a respirator. That would include any x-rays that might have been taken.That would include the expenses created by the need for an ambulance.

That would include any IV equipment that was used during the ambulance ride, or in the hospital. Do not forget that IV equipment can deliver medication and a nutritive liquid. So, the cost of that medication and liquid would need to be covered.

This list of payments would also include those that covered the loss of income, if the deceased had held a job, at the time of the fatal accident. At the same time, it would include coverage of the money that was spent on a funeral and burial.

A second area of damage coverage would be intended to compensate the loved ones for their losses.

Any of them that had benefited from the decedent’s income would qualify for money to cover a loss of financial support. Those that had lived with the now-deceased relative would be able to claim a right to money for loss of companionship.

Children that had lost a parent could claim money to replace a source of moral support. A surviving spouse could claim money for loss of consortium. Depending on the state where the accident occurred the family members might qualify for coverage of any grief counseling.

The relation that any family member receiving compensation might have had with the deceased could vary from state to state.

The surviving spouse should get compensated; yet any former spouses would not qualify for the money that was meant to cover damages, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax.

Any sons or daughters would receive some of the compensation package. Yet if the deceased had maintained a relation with a stepson or a stepdaughter, that relationship could not be used as a basis for delivery of money that had been awarded by the court.

If young children had suffered an early death, as the result of an accident, the parents would qualify for some of the damage award. The brother or sister of a deceased child could expect to get compensated, but a stepsister or stepbrother would not enjoy that same status.

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