How Evidence Could Work To Strengthen A Personal Injury Claim?

If you have been involved in an accident, do not delay with the process of finding and preserving any evidence. That includes documentation of any injuries.

What to photograph, in an effort to acquire evidence

Get pictures of any damage. Shoot the pictures from more than one angle. If possible, take pictures at the same time of day as the reported accident. Get pictures of any conditions that might have caused the accident. If a witness has indicated that some sign had been absent, try to locate any mention of the fact that such a sign had once stood in that particular location. Consider searching for some video footage.

Do not overlook the advantages that could be linked to a return to the scene of the accident. Such an effort could provide you with a chance to meet a possible witness, someone that had seen the accident, but had not come forward on the day of the collision.

Tips for preservation of evidence

If an object cannot be stored and preserved, then use a camera to record its features. If taking a close-up of damaged property, indicate the location of that damaged region.

If possible, be sure to stand in a spot with good lighting, when taking any pictures. Still, that might not be possible, if the injury-causing accident took place in late evening or early morning, and you hope to recreate those same conditions.

If using a digital camera, put a time stamp on each of your images. If using a traditional camera, get the film developed as soon as possible, and have the date stamped on the prints. Find a container for storing any prints. When preserving clothing, never try to remove bloodstains. Find a sturdy box for articles of clothing or shoes. Label the same box, so that there is less chance for it to become misplaced.

How to document injuries

Personal Injury Lawyer in Sydney will arrange to see a doctor as soon as possible. Establish a record of your injuries. Acquire documentation of those events that might be linked to any future symptoms. Jot down what you recall, once you have returned home, following an accident’s occurrence. Consider starting a journal or a diary. Use that to record the frequency and length for any sensations of pain.

Save all of your medical bills. Save, too, any stubs that you got, after paying for utilization of the parking facilities at a hospital, an office building or a clinic.

Keep track of the money spent for any medications or for any medical supplies. If it were necessary to introduce changes in the home, such as installation of a ramp for a wheelchair, keep a record of the money spent on that particular project.

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