How To Assess Liability In A Trucking Accident?

The victim should work with a Personal Injury Lawyers in Halifax, when tackling the liability issue. That team must determine who was responsible, in order to win a fair compensation.

Truckers fall into 2 main categories

Those hired by a trucking company

Those that operate as independent contractors; truckers in that second category own and maintain a commercial truck.

Truckers and trucking companies do not represent the only groups from which the liable party might come.

• Did the involved vehicle have a defective part? If that were to be the case, then the manufacturer might be held liable.
• Did the equipment used to secure the truck’s load have a defect?
• Had the truck been inspected? If so, was the inspection carried out in the proper fashion?

Acts that could push a court to hit a trucker that was involved in an accident with a liability charge

• Committing distracted driving
• Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
• Staying in control of the steering wheel, while drowsy
• Drive for too many hours
• Demonstrating a lack of care: That could mean speeding, changing lanes without signaling first, or making some other risky move.

Evidence for liability

There are many actions that could be used as evidence that the trucking company was responsible. To start with, the Company’s failure to arrange for an inspection of a truck that was scheduled to carry a load is negligence. Additionally, if it can be proven that the company failed to arrange for replacement of a worn part, including one in the truck’s electrical system then the company is liable.

Another key aspect is if the company has truck inspected but does not follow the steps in the government’s guidelines. That could result in a failure to carry out an important step.

Oftentimes, trucking company does not train its drivers adequately; company wanted drivers to load and unload their truck, but did not offer guidance, with respect to the right way to carry out the loading/ unloading procedures. This can be detrimental for the company in case of an accident.

How a shipping company’s negligence might cause a trucking accident?

• Company’s workers not provided with proper equipment; hence they cannot secure each load correctly.
• Company’s workers not taught how to secure a load properly. Workers do not get instructions on how to use new equipment.

How a defect in the truck’s GPS system might cause an accident?

The driver would expect to get good directions from the GPS system. If that system did not have all the current information, with respect to a given location, the driver might get lost. Obviously, if a driver found it hard to locate the spot where a load was to be taken, then the driver’s skills might become of substandard quality.

Furthermore, the driver would be forced to spend an added amount of time at the truck’s steering wheel. That could result in development of a confused and drowsy feeling. Consequently, the driver’s chances for demonstrating negligence would increase.

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