How To Seek Reimbursement For Lost Income

An accident victim could find it necessary to take time off from work, while recovering from an injury. He or she should be provided with a means for gaining reimbursement of that lost income.

There are 2 ways by which an accident-linked injury could trigger the loss of a worker’s income.

If an injury forced an employee to stay home, instead of going to work, then the same employee would suffer a period of time when he/she could not obtain the expected wages.

If an injury did not keep an employee from showing up at his/her workplace, but still required some type of treatment, the same employee would need to request time off for treatment. That would illustrate a second way by which any accident-linked injuries could trigger the loss of some portion of a worker’s income. Either of the scenarios that are mentioned above could refer to the situation of a full-time or a part-time employee, as per personal injury lawyer in Truro.

Significance of any need to use sick leave or vacation time, while recovering from accident-caused injuries

Any employee receives only a limited amount of sick leave or vacation time. If some of the time-slots that were set aside to use during a period of sickness, or for a vacation, had to be used for an accident-related purpose, then that would deprive the employee of access to the full amount of accrued time.

For that reason, any requirement for utilization of those same time-slots qualifies as loss of income. In other words, it belongs on a list of accident-related damages.

Methods to use for documenting the existence of lost income

Obtain from an employer, verification of the fact that the employee/victim had received regular wages in the past. Have check stubs that could illustrate the size of those wages past wages.

Someone that was self-employed could use one of the following, to offer proof of lost income:

—A sudden drop in the number of bills going to customers
—A calendar showing canceled appointments
—Records of past earnings
—Copy of income tax from previous year

The attorney for the defendant would have the right to accept or reject the offered proof. A rejection would force the self-employed victim to seek a alternate method. The attorney would not need to substantiate the request for a different form of proof, with respect to the amount of lost income.

Possible inconvenience

If there were some mix-up with respect to the accrued sick leave or vacation time, that could affect the further allotment of such time-slots. Depending on the nature of that effect, the returned worker could encounter problems, with respect to issuance of salary, or discovery of unused and available vacation time.

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