Liability Standards For Incident Involving Dog Bite

Every state has held dog owners responsible for any injuries that were caused by their pet. Still, some states delay the designation of that responsibility by using a “one free bite” rule.

What are the provisions in the one free bite rule?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax knows that an owner could not be held responsible for an injury caused by a pet canine until the canine’s owner has learned about the pet’s tendency to attack and bite someone.

How does that rule differ from the strict liability rule?

Under that law/rule, a dog owner would be liable for any injury that was caused by a pet canine, regardless of the same owner’s awareness, or lack of awareness, with respect to a pet canine’s tendency to demonstrate aggressive behavior.

Some states demand something a bit different from the dogs’ owners.

Each dog owner must keep his/her pet on a leash, when in a public space. That demand holds, regardless of the degree to which a chosen space might have been free of people, before it became an area where someone’s pet enjoyed a chance to run around.

If an owner were to claim that his or her pet canine had been under control, and the victim had disputed that claim, the case might be decided in a court of law. The judge or jury would decide whether or not the structures used to restrict the canine’s movements had been sufficient.

Each side’s argument could be heard in a civil court. In that case, both the plaintiff and the defendant would have to respect and abide by the judge’s final decision.

Actions that are known to provoke dogs, causing them to bite

An action that triggers a sense of fear

An action that has been perceived as a threat, causing the dog to take on the role of a protective guard: That is why dogs tend to bark at costumed visitors that could come to a home on Halloween night.

Behavior that has annoyed an innocent animal

—Small children seldom realize how their movements might annoy a dog. That is why it is best to keep small children away from unfamiliar dogs.

Tips for those that own a large, 4-legged pet (a dog)

• Make sure that the same pet is well-trained
• Keep any such pets on a leash, when in a public setting
• Do not let any pet dogs to be unleashed in a spot where children are playing, even in a private home.
• Avoid any meet up between a canine and a stranger. Post a warning to any possible strangers that might step onto land that could be viewed as a dog’s territory.

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