Motor Vehicle Accidents

Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Nova Scotia

Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Nova Scotia leading to many injuries and deaths. For every 100,000 people in our population, 747.8 people were killed and 7.8 were fatally injured on our roads in 2018. These accidents are often due to alcohol, drugs, speeding, distracted driving and failing to pay attention among many other causes. And most accidents that cause injuries are simply because of someone else’s negligence.

An Overwhelming Time

For most accident victims, this will be their first exposure to motor vehicle accident laws and insurance claims. Accident claims and insurance settlements can be overwhelming for anyone let alone someone who is desperately trying to heal and get their life back on track.

This is when having an experienced Nova Scotia injury lawyer is so important. At Brill Law, we are here to help.

While you are focused on healing, we will be actively investigating your accident and filing your insurance claim. We will help you navigate the insurance process in order to get you the compensation you legally deserve after an accident.

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But Isn’t This Why I Have Insurance?

Of course it is! But insurance companies have their own agendas. Because they have a financial interest in paying the lowest amount possible for claims, they often downplay or outright deny claims. Not fair? True. But it is the reality of the industry.

When you work with an injury lawyer in Nova Scotia, you get the benefit of a seasoned professional who can prove that your injury requires a larger settlement. We lawyers do that with the support of your medical records, your doctors, witnesses, investigators and accident recreation experts. 

Do I Need an Injury Lawyer?

No, you don’t. But consider the fact that injury victims with legal representation typically see settlements three to four times higher than ones negotiated without a lawyer. Why is that?

Having the expertise of a personal injury lawyer during a settlement process gives you someone who knows the law looking at the claim and evaluating its value. Insurance adjusters are trained to be advocates for the company, not the victim. Consequently, the settlement offered by your adjuster may not be anywhere near what you are legally entitled to. That is where your lawyer comes into play.

Will I Need to Go to Court?

Most motor vehicle accident claims are settled out of court. But there are times when a settlement that has been negotiated out of the courtroom is not a fair one for the victim. That is when the claim is taken to court.

Because we investigate every claim as if it has the potential to go to court, we will always be fully prepared for it. With our experience as litigators, we take the time in the beginning to prepare for litigation to ensure that our client gets the most advantageous compensation possible.

We Only Represent Injury Victims

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in Nova Scotia, we are here to help. We are dedicated to representing victims of accidents, never the insurance companies. When you contact us, your initial consultation is free. You never have to worry about legal fees since our services are provided on a contingency fee basis. You never pay unless we recover compensation for you.

To understand your legal rights after a motor vehicle accident, contact the personal injury lawyers at Brill Law. We serve Sydney, New Glasgow, Bedford, Truro, Lower, Dartmouth, Halifax, Chester, Amherst, Bridgewater and all surrounding communities in Nova Scotia.