Public Transit Accidents

Public Transit Accident Lawyers in Nova Scotia

For the most part, our public transit in Nova Scotia is safe and economical. In some cases, public transit is the only way for some of our population to get around from day to day. Unfortunately, these methods of transportation can and do become involved in accidents with devastating injuries to passengers.

The Complexity of a Public Transit Claim

Bringing a claim against a public transit company is often far more involved than bringing a claim against a single driver. Because of the many variables involved, it is often overwhelming for a victim to navigate a claim without the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Nova Scotia.

At Brill Law, we have represented countless victims of public transit accidents in Sydney, New Glasgow, Bedford, Truro, Lower, Dartmouth, Halifax, Chester, Amherst, Bridgewater and throughout Nova Scotia.

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Duty of Care

Whether it is a municipal operator or a private one, public transit owes a duty of care to their customers. When that duty of care is breached and negligence is a factor, the victim of an accident is entitled to financial compensation for their losses.

The Proof of Negligence

When it comes to public transit accidents in Nova Scotia, the victim will typically seek damages through their own no-fault insurance. However, there are those times when those benefits are insufficient. And, when there is negligence involved, the public transit agency can be held accountable and financially liable. The liability may fall at several different places within the structure of the transit company:

  • Driver or operator error
  • Driver or operator impairment
  • Equipment failure
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Infrastructure
  • Management or municipality issues

Add to this the fact that many transit companies contract with other companies to maintain or even operate their vehicles and you can imagine the complexity surrounding a claim. Often a claim requires lengthy and complicated research and investigation to determine liability, coupled with navigating governmental bureaucracy.

Injuries Can Be Extensive

Injuries due to public transit accidents can be extensive, particularly when large groups are traveling at high speeds. These injuries and the costs associated with them can have a large financial impact on the victim and their family. Compensation may be sought for things such as medical expenses, physical therapy, rehabilitation, lost wages, in-home assistance and other costs associated with the accident.

Careful Communication

An injury victim must be very careful who they speak to and what they say to any insurance adjuster with regard to a public transit accident. Anything they say can potentially work against them in a settlement or lawsuit. It may even cause their claim to be outright denied.

Victims of public transit accidents are typically not equipped to navigate claims against large companies and municipalities. That is why it is important to speak with an experienced public transit accident lawyer before you go it alone.

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