Should You Initiate A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

By filing a personal injury lawsuit, a claimant can alert the insurance company to his or her intentions. Those intentions might arise from a desire to obtain a fair compensation. The insurance company has been told that if it hesitates to offer a fair settlement, then the claimant/plaintiff expects to meet the defendant in court.

What risk is a claimant taking by filing a lawsuit?

The extent of the risk depends on the strength of the claimant’s case. An accident victim with just a minor injury would not have a strong case. In court, a jury might not see a reason for voting in favor of a reward for that particular plaintiff. In other words, the same plaintiff could be in danger of losing any chance for some form of compensation.

Some other factors work to supplement that risk. Involvement in a lawsuit can force a plaintiff to spend many hours in a courtroom. Furthermore, the same plaintiff needs to cover the court costs. So, the plaintiff must spend money, with no guarantee that he or she will be getting any money.

What rewards could someone enjoy, after initiating a lawsuit?

The goal of an accident victim that has chosen to initiate a lawsuit is to obtain a reward that exceeds the size of any compensation obtained in a settlement. In court, a personal injury lawyer in Lower Sackville can argue for consideration of a plaintiff’s pain and suffering. That can push the jury to grant the plaintiff a generous reward.

Indeed, the very fact that such a possibility might become a reality explains the reason that a typical insurance company seeks to avoid a lawsuit. The same insurance companies strive to settle, if a claimant’s injury could be categorized as “minor.” That is because those same companies do not want to waste time and money on a case where the injury does not have much value.

Lawyers play a key role in a court case. As stated above, a lawyer has the ability to argue for consideration of a plaintiff’s pain and suffering. When juries consider a plaintiff’s pain and suffering, their emotions can sway their thinking. In such situations, the plaintiff’s reward could be quite large.In addition, a lawyer’s value to a client stems from the nature of the advice that could come from that member of the legal community. A good attorney could help a client to realize the full extent of his or her losses.

Timeline for lawsuit

Lawsuits have no defined length. Each of them could be discontinued at any time. The person that has chosen to file a lawsuit could have wanted to scare the insurer, so that the insurance company would try to offer a fair settlement.

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