What Are The Rights of An Injury Victim?

We surely never expect to be victims of a personal injury, and even if we did, at the moment the accident occurs it is normal to feel confused and not know what to do. For example, aspects as the consequences of the problem, the compensation you must get for the accident, or who to trust to help us and guide us, are important things we normally do not know at the moment of carrying out the legal process.

To have a good outcome when facing a legal problem of this nature, in addition to the things mentioned before, it is necessary to know the rights you have by your side as a personal injury victim.

There are many of them and, of course, these will vary depending on the situation and the behavior you or the accused have shown during the whole process. But, in the end, it is good to know all of them, and a personal injury lawyer in Sydney can help you to do it.

List of rights of a personal injury victim

If you, a friend, or somebody in your family have been a victim of a crime like a personal injury, there are many benefits a victim can have. For example, the victim has the right to be always treated the best way, with all the dignity and respect he or she deserves.

Also, the victims always have the right to access counseling and legal services, either government or public. A personal injury lawyer in Sydney can give them all the guidance and help they need to succeed at the end of the process. Other rights a personal injury victim has, are:

• Get all the information about the investigation in process.
• All the privacy and protection needed, either mentally, physically, or emotionally.
• Claim for financial support and help.
• Be listed as fast as possible on a Victims Register.
• Build a Victim Impact Statement.
• Submit to the Corrective Services or Parole Authority.

How to exercise your rights at the moment of a personal injury?

One of the benefits of knowing the rights you have as a personal injury victim is that in case of an accident you will react in the best way possible, avoiding future problems during the legal process.

Maybe you will feel shocked or paralyzed right after the accident occurs, but in case you can take action at that moment, there are many different things you can do to exercise your rights. For example, you have the right to take a picture of the damage you or someone else has received due to someone else´s fault.

In addition to this, you have the right to call the police or, if there is a police officer near, ask him or her to file a report against the person who caused the accident. In the same way, you can contact an attorney as fast as you can to help you go through that situation.

Here in Brill Law, we are ready to help and give you the support you need 24 hours, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate on contacting us, just dial 312-940-7060, and a personal injury lawyer in Sydney will be there to help you.

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