What Do Legal Fees Include In Personal Injury Cases?

If we are victims of a personal injury due to someone else´s careless attitude, maybe the last thing we could think about at that moment is the cost of the professional help we might need. And, being completely honest, it is understandable, since our primary goal is to win the case and get the compensation we deserve.

Of course, depending on our situation and our needs, the legal fees for personal injury cases can vary. But always keep in mind that the unforeseen events are at the order of the day, and getting professional help is the best for you and your family in those cases.

Like any other good service, high-quality legal counseling is worth its price. In the end, the best for us is to consider the prices of a personal injury lawyer in Sydney even before the accident occurs, since this will save us from facing bigger problems.

The way legal fees work in personal injury cases

As all the cases a personal injury lawyer can handle are different between them, they cannot just establish something like a “model price” for all his or her clients. That is why lawyers make use of an alternative called “Contingency Fee Agreements”.

It consists of taking a percentage of the client´s final settlement as their pay or fee. In other words, the cost of the attorney´s service will depend on the outcome of the case.

Depending on the agreement you have made with a personal injury lawyer in Sydney, the contingency fee covers all the help you may need during the legal process. And talking about costs, these can be between 33 and 40 percent of the final arrangement, but the client and lawyer can get to an agreement that benefits them both.

How should I establish the fee´s costs?

There are several things to analyze before establishing the fee´s costs with a personal injury lawyer. Based on the moment both you and your lawyer do it, it will vary the final size of the compensation you will get.

For example, let’s say the lawyer calculates the percentage before the costs are established. That means that, in the end, he or she will get the established percent from the full settlement payment, and then the payment for the costs. This will let you with less money from the compensation you got.

But if the costs are established before the percentage, the lawyer will get a smaller amount of money. As you can see, establishing the costs before the lawyer calculates his or her fee is the best method you can follow.

Another thing to keep in mind is the possible extra costs that could be needed in the case. If you do not have a big budget, you do well in talking with a personal injury lawyer in Sydney about these extra costs from the beginning. And even if at the end you do not need to appeal to those costs, it is always better to be forewarned.

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