What Documents Should You Provide Your Personal Injury Attorney After Being Involved In A Motor Vehicle Accident?

If you’ve recently suffered injury in a motor vehicle accident, you might be considering hiring a personal injury attorney or have already retained one to provide the legal advice and representation you need. If so, the following is a list of the documents you’ll need to provide your attorney so they can build a strong case for you and increase your chances of being compensated for your pain and suffering:

• Accident-related tickets given by the police – make sure you inform your attorney of any tickets you received from the police at the scene of the accident.

• Auto insurance policy – your attorney will examine your coverage to determine the compensation you may be entitled to. Your attorney can obtain a copy – with your permission of course – if you don’t have one.

• Earnings records – if you were unable to perform the duties and responsibilities of your job, your attorney might be able to recover compensation for lost wages.

• Evidence of premium payments – you’ll need to provide proof that your policy is current and your premium payments have been paid. Bills, statements, and other related documents can serve as proof.

• Information that the police provided at the scene of the accident – an accident report that shows where cars and pedestrians were when the accident occurred should be provided to your attorney.

• Information that was exchanged at the scene of the accident – if you have certain information that you and the other parties involved shared at the scene of the accident, make sure you provide this to your attorney.

• Medical records – if you suffered injury and received medical care, your attorney will need copies of your medical records so they understand the diagnosis and have an idea of how long it will take you to recover.

• Photos of the accident scene and the resulting damage to your vehicle – if you have photos, your attorney will want to see them. If not, contact the insurance company and ask them to provide copies to your attorney.

• Psychological records – if you received psychological care because of the emotional or mental impact the accident had on your well-being, provide your attorney with these reports.

• Statements you gave the insurance company – there’s a chance that your insurer will contact you to obtain a statement about your accident and your injuries. Get a copy of the statements made and provide it to your attorney.

Gathering these documents is essential to a personal injury case. Your personal injury attorney in Halifax can help with these matters. That is one of the key factors to ensure that you get the entitled amount as compensation. Call Brill Law today to know more about how we can be of assistance.

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