What Evidence Helps Ensure Win For Plaintiff In Personal Injury Case?

Good evidence can have a positive effect on the outcome. It can substantiate the facts provided by the plaintiff.

What sort of facts would the evidence need to substantiate?

• Details on the victim’s sustained injury
• Specifics on the plaintiff’s lost wages: Has the plaintiff’s employer confirmed the figure that had been reported by the plaintiff?

Possible evidence from scene of accident

• Police report: This might not be the best evidence. A judge would declare it to be hearsay.
• Photographs of the site or of the damaged vehicles
• The collected contact information.

Additional evidence that could be gathered during the days that followed the accident

Details on the full extent of the damage: What was the size of the crack in the window? Were there any pictures of accessories that had been added to the vehicle before the collision?

Details on the exact position of the damage: Damage to the side of a vehicle would suggest that the other driver had caused the collision, especially if the other vehicle had damage at the front or rear.

The estimated cost for repairs: One that had obviously come from a repair shop.

The total for the medical expenses: The bills that had been used for calculating that total should also be presented as evidentiary material.

The doctor’s prognosis, regarding the chances for any further complications: Was there a chance that the plaintiff might require other medical treatments in the future?

Notes in a journal or diary: Those should describe the frequency of any painful sensations, and the length of each such sensation.

Statement from an employer, regarding the ability of the injured party to resume working at his or her former job: Does that statement suggest a loss of earning power on the part of the plaintiff?

The cost for any adaptations to the victim’s environment, such as a lift on the stairs, or the need for a wheelchair

Any document that could prove that the plaintiff had been forced to forego a great opportunity, simply because he or she had been injured

Any confirmed report about an incident that would suggest that the plaintiff had suffered post traumatic stress disorder as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax.

Any letter that could prove that the plaintiff had been offered an athletic scholarship, but could not accept it, due to the effects of the injury

Evidence that would not prove helpful

• Proof that the plaintiff had received a number of traffic tickets in the past
• Proof that the plaintiff’s license had been suspended
• Proof that the driver/plaintiff had failed to wear glasses, even though such eyewear was required, according to the driver’s license
• Proof that the plaintiff had failed to mitigate the effects of the sustained injury, by seeking medical attention

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