What To Know About Predicting The Outcome For A Car Accident Case?

A friend or relative might offer a prediction, but even lawyers cannot predict the outcome with certainty.

Why it makes no sense to attempt a prediction

Every state has its own traffic laws, and its own laws that concern getting compensated for injuries sustained in a car accident. Some states follow a no-fault policy; that means that the victim enjoys the expected benefits, regardless of who has been found at-fault.

Other states have stayed with the at-fault system; that means that the at-fault party is responsible for compensating the victim of the appropriate accident. Some states put a limit on the amount of money that can be claimed for pain and suffering. In those states, victims have to suffer an injury that meets certain conditions, in order to obtain money for pain and suffering.

Insurance companies and lawyers have modified the requirements that dictate which claimants and plaintiffs can get money for pain and suffering.

-If the injury had harmed some part of a client’s body, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Halifax might highlight the client’s future plans, and show how those have been altered.

-For their part, insurance companies have learned how to achieve success, after challenging a plaintiff’s injury claim.

Insurance companies respond to various factors, after receiving a demand letter from a claimant.

The adjuster always checks to see what the limits are on a policy that was purchased by one of the company’s policyholders. No claimant can receive an amount of money that exceeds that limit, regardless of how severe the claimant’s injury might be. That is why smart policyholders consider buying an underinsured motorist option.

Insurance companies have worked with a large number of different lawyers. Consequently, each company has gained insight into the reputation of just about every personal injury attorney. That means that the company’s insight reflects its familiarity with a given attorney’s negotiating strategies.

When companies have learned that such strategies aim at putting a great deal of pressure on the insurer and the adjuster, then their offer tends to be a bit higher. On the other hand, their offers are much lower, if a claimant’s lawyer has not gained respect for his or her expert negotiating tactics.

Insurance companies have also learned about how a given judge might lean towards harsher or more lenient rulings, as reflected in the size of a given court-ordered judgment. Consequently, a smart company would not present a weak argument to a judge that tended to hit the defendant with a harsh ruling.

Judges are always ready to go along with an expression to settle, when made by both parties. A settlement made before a judge usually provides the plaintiff with a fair compensation, without being unfair to the defendant.

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