Who Has The Right To File A Personal Injury Claim?

If someone’s negligence has caused you to become injured, you still have rights. Hence, you might want to consider filing a personal injury claim.

The act of filing an insurance claim

The person that has been injured in an accident cannot undertake such an action, unless the responsible party has purchased some type of liability coverage. The insurance company refers to the individual that has filed a claim as a claimant. Personal Injury Lawyer in Lower Sackville know that claimants want to protect their rights. That fact highlights the wisdom behind seeking out a good personal injury lawyer.

Could someone other than the accident victim file a personal injury claim?

If an accident has caused someone’s death, then the family of the deceased might decide to file a wrongful death claim. That forces the responsible party to reimburse the grieving family members for their losses.

If an elderly family member has been severely injured in an accident, then the relatives might plan to file a personal injury claim on the part of the elderly victim. Families that undertake such an action ought to consider handing control of the reward money to an attorney. That way, it should get used more wisely.

Parents could file a claim for a younger son or daughter. The parents should know that the court would keep the reward money in a trust until the child had reached the age of 18. Yet the court might grant release of some of the funds, if they were going to be used for the child’s care.

What actions are most apt to jeopardize a victim’s chances for winning a personal injury claim?

The failure to pay attention to the statute of limitations can ruin a victim’s chances for winning a fair compensation. A personal injury claim must be filed by a specific deadline. A state’s statute of limitation provides members of the public with that deadline.

The failure to highlight the significance of an accident-caused injury jeopardizes a victim’s chances for winning a personal injury claim. It is best to seek medical care as soon as possible. Certain symptoms are a definite sign that a driver or passenger has been injured.

Suppose, for instance, that you were to get rear-ended. You passed out briefly, a fact that you learned from someone else at the scene of the accident. You were exhibiting the signs of a possible brain injury. A doctor should see you, pronto.

When you do see a doctor, mention the period when you lost consciousness. Make sure the mention of that symptom goes into your medical record. That could help you to win a larger compensation. You should do whatever you can, in order to increase your chances for receiving a fair compensation.

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