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If you have been injured in an accident due to someone else’s carelessness or negligence, you shouldn’t have to navigate this time alone. After an accident, you are often overcome by not only physical pain but emotional pain. How will you pay your bills? How will you take care of your family? Will you ever be able to work again? It is a stressful time of not knowing where to turn or who to trust.

At Brill Law, we understand.

Knowledge is Power

This is the time that you owe it to yourself and your future to seek the advice of a Bridgewater personal injury lawyer. Although you may not have considered a lawyer, you should fully understand your legal rights before you accept any settlements from the insurance company. Knowledge is power.

The settlement offered by the insurance company may look like a beacon of hope while you are struggling with pain and anxiety. But a quick settlement is never able to consider all the financial implications of your unique circumstances or any potential future needs you may have. What may look like a financial safety net now may be woefully inadequate to address the reality of your needs. That is when you need someone on your side who has extensive personal injury experience and knows what you are due under the law.

What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury is that branch of law that provides legal remedy for victims of accidents that have been caused by someone else’s carelessness or misconduct. A personal injury legal team is tasked with ensuring that their clients get compensated for injuries and their resulting costs, both immediate and future. These include

  • Medical and hospital costs
  • Medications
  • Rehabilitation
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of property
  • Lost capacity for future work
  • Pain and suffering

But Isn’t This Why We Have Insurance?

Yes! Theoretically, insurance is there to protect an injury victim at times like these. But the industry itself is highly profitable. In many cases, insurance adjusters are trained to pay out the least amount possible for settlements. The more they retain, the more their profit margins. It is unfair but it is the reality of the industry. And the unfortunate reality for injury victims who trust that they are being treated and compensated fairly.

The Legal Team to Trust

Over the years, injury victims have entrusted Brill Law with their legal rights after an injury. We consistently recover the maximum compensation possible under the law so our clients can heal, pay their bills and move on from the physical, emotional and financial consequences of a devastating accident.

We Only Practice Personal Injury Law in Bridgewater

At Brill Law, we only practice personal injury law. It isn’t only our vocation. It is our passion. While many firms practice multiple areas of law, we believe that the only way you become the best at what you do is to focus on that thing and know it inside and out. That is what we offer.

With decades of combined experience in personal injury and tort law, we have come to know every aspect of injury law and the players involved. In this way, we best serve our clients and ensure that we are doing the best job possible in protecting their legal rights after an accident.

Focusing On Your Recovery While We Do the Rest

There is nothing convenient about an accident and the aftermath is overwhelming and unpredictable, especially for accident victims who have been injured. This is the time you should be focusing on your recovery yet you are worried about your financial future and the future of your family. We are there to help.

We hit the road running and take care of everything you need, from filing insurance paperwork to investigating the accident to determine negligence. You can have peace of mind when we are on the job.

Talented Team of Litigators

Your recovery, both physical and financial, are our focus. If we are unable to negotiate a settlement in your best interest, we will take your claim to court to ensure that you are getting the financial safety you are due under the law. As seasoned litigators, the Bridgewater personal injury lawyers at Brill Law will never back down, even if it means a court battle.

If you have been injured in an accident, contact the offices of Brill Law for a no-cost consultation. You don’t pay legal fees until we recover compensation on your behalf. Call us today to see how we can help.

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