Guidelines On Suing Bus Company For Injury To Rider

There are 2 times when any bus rider stands at-risk for falling: When boarding the bus and when preparing to leave the bus. At those 2 points in time, a driver’s decision to suddenly accelerate or decelerate could cause some rider to fall down.

Factors that determine the strength of any lawsuit that the fallen rider might pursue, against the bus company

How severe were the injuries? A rider does not have the right to sue for minor injuries?

• A severe injury would be one that required hospitalization of the injured victim
• A severe injury would be one that had the treating doctor prescribing some type of medicine.
• A severe injury would be one that had to be treated by the administration of a surgical procedure.

Was the rider on a public or commercial bus?

• The timeline for a rider on a public bus is much shorter than the timeline for a rider on a commercial bus.
• A rider on a commercial buss might be able to sue the company for lack of training, or for any defective components.

Why was the rider standing at that particular time?

• Had the rider been goofing around?
• Had the rider been trying to get injured?
• Had the rider been planning to get off at the next scheduled stop?
• Was the rider looking for a seat, after just having boarded?

Procedure to follow, if on public bus

Accept any offer to go to the hospital. Fill out the form given to you by the driver; return it to the driver. The personal injury lawyer in Halifax will ask you to get the names of any witnesses, if possible. On reaching home, send letter to appropriate government agency, informing them about plans to sue.

You will need to provide details on what took place, along with information on the bus’s route. Consult with a lawyer and is advised that you do not wait more than 2 years, before filing a complaint.

Actions that could weaken your case

Not accepting an offer to go to the hospital; you need to have any effects of the incident well documented.

Thinking that 2 years is a long time, and not paying close attention to the passage of 24 months. A former passenger with such thinking could miss the deadline for filing a complaint.

Not giving much thought to the hiring of an attorney. Be sure to get one that can help with accessing any needed professional in the medical field.

Be sure to avoid conducting a quick search for a lawyer, one that can help with the job of watching the calendar. Check for the presence of a calendar in the lawyer’s office. Ask about lawyer’s past experience with cases that were similar to yours.

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