Personal Injury Claims Vs. Personal Injury Lawsuit: ¿What Is The Difference?

In our day-to-day life, we may not think that much about what we are going to do in case of an accident. Maybe the last problem we expect to face is suddenly going through a legal process, but the truth is that it is way more common than many people think.

In case we have suffered a personal injury due to somebody´s careless or even irresponsible attitude, there are many things we can do to get the compensation we deserve. Either the damage was physical, mental, or material, a personal injury lawyer in Halifax can help us take the right steps to succeed in the end.

For example, he or she can help us decide to take action by making a personal injury claim, or maybe a personal injury lawsuit. The option we decide to carry out will depend on our situation and the size of the damage caused, and that is something we must discuss with the attorney.

What is a personal injury claim?

A personal injury claim is normally the first step a personal injury lawyer in Halifax would want to take, and it is way simpler than a personal injury lawsuit. What you do is file a claim and demand the insurance company to give you compensation for the loss you have suffered.

Of course, an investigation has to be made to get an objective view of the situation. That way, it will be easier to negotiate a fair arrangement or settlement.

It may be necessary to count with video or photo evidence, just as the medical evidence you can get at the hospital you or other victims have been treated. And, although it takes time to take the situation to an end, an attorney will always prefer to make a personal injury claim before trying to make a personal injury lawsuit.

And what is a personal injury lawsuit?

As in any other legal process, to get the compensation we deserve after a personal injury there are many ways to achieve it. A personal injury lawsuit consists of suing the at-fault party, demanding it to give you compensation through a court of law. It is normally carried out with the party´s insurance company.

A personal injury lawsuit is made depending on the severity of the case, and what could lead to it is the refusal of the at-fault party to make the compensation. And if you can prove the insurance company has bad intentions and has made something suspicious, you could increase the amount of money in the compensation.

The personal injury lawyer in Halifax has to build the “Statement of Claim”, which is a document that establishes the statutes of the settlement and the amount of money the victim is claiming. The at-fault party will respond with a “Statement of defense”. After that, in the court, the judge and jury will analyze the case and make an objective decision.

If you or somebody you know has been the victim of a personal injury, here in Brill Law we can help you succeed in the legal process. Just dial 312-940-7060 and we, a dedicated team of personal injury lawyers in Halifax, will be pleased to help you and guide you through this complicated situation.

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