Questions Posed By Injured Accident Victims

Personal injury lawyers claim to have heard the same few questions repeated by both younger and older accident victims. Moreover, the victim’s sex does not seem to change the nature of the most frequently posed inquiries.

If I want to file a personal injury claim, do I have to meet a specific deadline?

Following involvement in an accident, an injured victim has no set number of days in which to file a personal injury claim. Still, it helps to complete that filing process as soon as possible, so that the defendant would have no reason for claiming that he or she had become the target of an unfair process.

Suppose that I were interested in filing a personal injury lawsuit; would that give me a timeline to meet?

Yes, someone that has become intent on filing a lawsuit does have to meet a deadline. That deadline has been spelled out in the statute of limitations. Each state has its own statute of limitations. States pass such statutes so that defendants do not have to dig up evidence from events that took place much earlier. The legal system generally feels that any piece of evidence would lose some of its value after the passing of 2 years.

I just returned home from an accident scene. I was involved in the collision, but I think that I am all right now. Still, I want to preserve my rights, if I was injured. What should I be doing now?

Did you see a doctor? You ought to do that as soon as possible. Do not provide the insurance company with a chance to claim that your delayed visit to a doctor’s office helped to worsen the extent of your acquired injury. Meanwhile, get hold of pen and paper, and record everything that you can remember about the accident. Furthermore, as per Personal Injury Lawyer in Bedford, keep a pen and paper by the phone, so that you can take notes, when speaking with anyone that has been investigating the accident.

Save all the documents that relate to your injury. That should include all of your medical bills. Save any documents that offer proof of the size for your wages. Learn how to access any x-rays that might have been taken. If you, yourself have taken photos of the damaged vehicle, or of the accident site, date them and preserve them.

Contact any witnesses. Work on obtaining a signed statement from those that saw or heard the events that took place at the time of the collision. Let the defendant know, if you intend to file a personal injury claim. If you do not own a wall calendar, buy one. Be sure to keep track of the date.

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